Fantasy vs. Reality

Our story this week, Olivia, can definitely be classified as a “fantasy”. But what exactly does that mean? Last week and this week we’ve been exploring what it means if something is a fantasy versus something that is real, or a reality. We learned that another word for reality is “realism” — they mean the same thing! I showed the class an anchor chart that I made and we made some observations as to what fantasy and reality could mean. By looking at the pictures (and maybe reading the text 😉 ) we were able to determine that if something is a fantasy it can’t happen in real life — pigs flying, cows typing, animals talking, etc. Reality means that it can happen in real life — a pig playing in the mud, cows eating grass, etc.


I read the class one of my favorite stories, “Click Clack Moo Cows That Type”, to show some more examples of what fantasy looks like in a story.


As an extension activity, each child had to create their own fantasy and reality illustration using a real-life animal. Once again, our creativity was top-notch and I was able to really see who understood the concept of fantasy vs. reality.


A dolphin can swim in the water. But a dolphin can’t fly in the blue sky.


A snow wolf can eat. But a snow wolf can’t play soft ball with wings.


A sheep can be furry. But a sheep can’t play sports like basketball.


A lion can hunt. But a lion can’t fly to the clouds.


A squid can swim in the water. But a squid can’t ride a bike.


A mouse can eat cheese. But a mouse can’t wear underwear.

As you read at home with your child, see if you can find elements of the story you’re reading that prove it is either fantasy or reality. 🙂


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