Graphing and Grammar

We’ve been working on graphing A LOT over the last few weeks in Room 202. Everything from types of graphs to parts of a graph to questions we can ask/answer about the data that we have graphed. Valentine’s Day was a great time to do a relevant, real-life graph. We took conversation hearts and looked at the messages that each heart contained (side note: have y’all seen the messages on conversation hearts recently? SO different than what they used to be! Texts and hashtags and emojis! Crazy! :)) As a class, we created a pictograph that contained many of the messages that we saw. We then discussed all of the parts of the graph and even wrote some comparisons that we noticed (I forgot to take pictures of this writing — I will try and get some to post later!) Overall, it was very enjoyable for the kids and a great educational opportunity. Plus, who doesn’t love to eat candy hearts!

IMG_2092[1] IMG_2093[1] IMG_2094[1] IMG_2108[1] IMG_2109[1] IMG_2110[1] IMG_2111[1] IMG_2112[1]

We also practiced sorting, tallying, and graphing another type of data: Skittles! You can see that sorting the colors was a great first step. We then made a tally chart, a bar graph, and a pictograph. Then, of course, ate the data! 🙂

IMG_2113[1] IMG_2116[1] IMG_2117[1]

IMG_2118[1] IMG_2119[1]

In grammar we spent last week reviewing contractions with “not”. We completed a “contraction kid match-up” where each student blindly picked a word or words and then had to find their matching counterpart – whether that be the contraction that their words make or the two words that make their contraction. Some, such as “will not” and “won’t”, were a little tricky, but overall our class remembered what they had previously learned about contractions very well 🙂

IMG_2120[1] IMG_2121[1] IMG_2122[1] IMG_2095[1] IMG_2096[1]

Has your child been able to graph any data or use any contractions at home? Keep practicing! 🙂


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