Sound has proven to be a very fun concept to learn about. We have been able to do some really fun experiments to learn a few key things about sound:

  • Sound is caused by vibrations
  • Slow vibrations produce a low pitch
  • Fast vibrations produce a high pitch
  • Sound, like light, travels on waves in a straight path
  • Volume is how loud or soft a sound is

Grade appropriate shared readings are always a great way to introduce a new concept. Readers at every level are able to participate and learn something new. It’s also a great way to introduce some new content vocabulary (those words that are specific to a certain subject or idea)


After reading our small “Sound” book together and highlighting important information before break, we revisited our books this week and did a partner read to jog our memory.

IMG_2085[1] IMG_2086[1]

To show that sound is caused by vibrations, we used these “telephones” to hear each other talking as well as other sounds. The scientists in our class made a great discovery — if you pull the string tight and pluck it, it makes different pitches and sounds like a guitar. Cool! 🙂

IMG_2087[1] IMG_2088[1] IMG_2089[1] IMG_2090[1] IMG_2091[1]

Ms. Wigdale came into our room today and we did two more awesome sound experiments. What was involved? Cups of water, tuning forks, Slinkies. Check out our photos and see if your child can explain what we did and what it showed! 🙂

IMG_2097[1] IMG_2099[1] IMG_2101[1] IMG_2103[1] IMG_2104[1] IMG_2105[1]

Until next time!


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