I was so happy that Groundhog Day fell on the same week that we began studying shadows and continued learning about light! We started the week with some Groundhog Day activities that coincide with our math standards, our reading standards, AND our science standards. Can’t beat that! Each child was given a reading passage that had follow up comprehension questions after. We learned that if you are already given the questions, it is wise to read those first so you have an idea of what you should really be listening for. We read the questions and then read the passage, highlighting information we thought would help us answer the questions. IMG_2002[1]

After we had some basic information about Groundhog Day, we took a class poll as to whether we hoped/thought the groundhog saw his shadow. We turned our Pictograph into a bar graph and tally chart and were able to analyze the data.


Most kids in our class hope Phil would NOT see his shadow, meaning they are hopeful for an early spring. As we all know by now … it looks like 6 more weeks of winter! Maybe we will at least get a snow day?! 🙂

As the week progressed we really delved into the idea of shadows — what makes a shadow, what objects create a shadow, and how light impacts a shadow. One of my favorite activities that we did involved making shadow puppets and seeing how the shadow compared the the actual puppet. Our class is SO creative and came up with some amazing ideas for their puppets. Here are a few pictures of us exploring shadows with our puppets and some of my favorite puppets that were made.









Can your child describe their shadow puppet to you? What did they make? Did it make a shadow? Why?

Enjoy the weekend 🙂


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