“Soup-er Bowl” Sunday!

Our entire first grade took amazing action with the J.P. “Soup-er Bowl”. We collected over 500 cans of soup which is sure to make many people very warm, full, and appreciative! Last Thursday we spent our math time counting the cans that we had collected so far. We were one of the last classes to count so we had A LOT of work to do. After dividing into two teams (boys and girls, duh!), we brainstormed ideas of how we could count all of the cans quickly! We decided the best suggestion was groups of ten. While it was a bit chaotic, our class showed a ton of cooperation and communication skills and we counted each and every can. The result after we counted: Seahawks 290, Patriots 220. Mrs. Battle’s class was the last class to count on Friday — ask your child if they can remember the final score of our “Soup-er Bowl”. I wonder if the result will be the same in the game today? πŸ™‚








We really enjoyed ending the “Soup-er Bowl” with Jersey Day on Friday πŸ™‚




Enjoy the game today!!


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