Measuring with nonstandard units has been a really rewarding experience for our class. Not only have we learned some important rules to use while measuring (ask your kids about these — there are 4 rules!), but it’s also really fun using some of our math manipulatives (and other objects) in a different way! Here are a few snapshots of different activities we did 🙂

IMG_1963[1] IMG_1964[1]

This was Wilks's "Oh man! I lost count!" face :)

This was Wilks’s “Oh man! I lost count!” face 🙂


I think the class really enjoyed “Measure a Friend” from today. As you can probably guess, the goal was to figure out how tall a friend was using two different nonstandard units. They all had a blast 🙂

IMG_1991[1] IMG_1992[1] IMG_1990[1] IMG_1988[1] IMG_1987[1]

Next week we will begin learning about standard measurement. Hope y’all have a great weekend — be on the lookout for a “Soup-er Bowl” update on Superbowl Sunday 🙂


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