We had two very fun spirit days to go along with the Read-A-Thon this week πŸ™‚ On Wednesday we had PJ and Picture Books Day where our little cuties got to read and spend the day in their jammies.

IMG_1934[1] IMG_1935[1] IMG_1936[1] IMG_1937[1] IMG_1938[1] IMG_1939[1] IMG_1940[1] IMG_1941[1] IMG_1942[1] IMG_1943[1] IMG_1944[1] IMG_1945[1] IMG_1946[1] IMG_1948[1] IMG_1949[1]

Today was Flashlights and Fluffy Friend Day — we enjoyed a long block of reading time where we turned out the lights and read our books with our flashlights. I surprised the class with a special “camping” treat — indoor s’mores…

Marshmallow fluff + chocolate graham crackers = deiciousness! πŸ™‚

The pictures make it appear much lighter than it really was — the flashlights were definitely crucial πŸ™‚


Adorable sign and “fire” for our hallway made by the talented Mrs. Tatman and Mrs. Moore!

IMG_1951[1] IMG_1952[1] IMG_1953[1] IMG_1954[1]

This is your last weekend to record minutes so read, read, read! Folders will be due back to school on Tuesday, January 27! Happy Reading!


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