100th Day

Last Friday, January 16th, we celebrated the 100th Day. Our first project was “My 100 Day Transformation”. Each child was challenged to transform the number 100 into something different. Our class is so incredibly creative and artistic! I received so many compliments on the wonderful work they did 🙂 Can you find the “100” in each picture?

IMG_1923[1] IMG_1924[1] IMG_1925[1] IMG_1926[1] IMG_1927[1] IMG_1928[1]

Another project the students completed were their “100 Year Old Portraits”. Not only did our class have to write about what life would be like when they were 100, but they also created a portrait showing how they would look. To say the least, they were hysterical! White hair, bald heads, wrinkles, glasses … you name it, someone thought of it!

IMG_1929[1] IMG_1930[1] IMG_1931[1] IMG_1932[1]

It’s hard to believe we are on our way towards the end of the year!!


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