Final Long Ago and Today Project

This week we wrapped up our latest I.B. unit, where we learned about historical heroes from the past as well as how many aspects of life were different long ago. As a summative assignment, students were asked to write a letter to the past informing the people of what the future holds. It took a little discussion to realize the the future for the people of the past is really our present day (whew- mind blown! 🙂 ) We used our flip books that we have been adding to throughout the unit as a way to remind ourselves how things have changed. Our class spent an entire day planning what we would write … some wrote sentences, other drew pictures and wrote bullet points. It was very cool to see how much each child had learned just from what they could complete on their own with their planning sheet.

IMG_1909[1] IMG_1910[1]

I enjoyed helping the children edit their first draft and fix any misspellings. The following day was it was time to write the final draft of the letter. We talked about the importance of the date, a greeting, sentences that made sense in the body, and a closing. I know I say this often, but I was SO impressed with the results. Such neat handwriting and amazing ideas from every student!! I am hoping to hang the final drafts up in the hallway, but until then, here are just a few examples…click on the picture to enlarge it so you can read the wonderful content!

IMG_1911[1] IMG_1912[1]

IMG_1913[1] IMG_1914[1]

We celebrated the 100th day of school today with two very fun activities — pictures and details coming next week 🙂 Enjoy the long weekend!!


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