We have transitioned into a new unit in math — measurement! I really enjoy this unit because we cover a lot of different standards … comparing and ordering objects, using nonstandard units to measure, and using standard units to measure. This week we ignited our schema, or background knowledge, on measurement, and found out that we know A LOT already! Words like “tall”, “short”, “taller”, “shorter”, tools we can use when we measure — ruler, tape measure, yard stick. We remembered that we can measure aspects of the weather, like how much rain has fallen with a rain gauge, or how hot/cold it is with a thermometer. I was impressed with what we already knew 🙂 After we shared our schema, we talked about some important things to remember when we are putting objects in order from shortest to longest, or longest to shortest. Maybe most important was learning how we must always line our ends up at the same starting spot. We put this idea into action with our first assignment: putting OURSELVES in order from shortest to longest (or “tallest”). We determined it wouldn’t be fair for someone to stand on the stool or table to compare height, so we made the playing field as  equal as possible — no shoes and everyone standing on a flat surface!

IMG_1899[1] IMG_1900[1]IMG_1901[1]

It took a little while, but our class finally managed to do it! We ordered ourselves from shortest to tallest 🙂 Once complete, the next assignment was to look at the list of kids we made, and make a writing comparison using words and pictures.

IMG_1902[1] IMG_1903[1] IMG_1904[1] IMG_1905[1] IMG_1906[1]

We will complete some follow up activities the remainder of this week. Can you challenge your child to compare objects at home using measurement words like tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest? 🙂


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