Historical Hero Harriet Tubman & Transportation from Long Ago

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving break and enjoyed some time with family and great food!

We had a very busy first week back, but I was very happy with how our class transitioned after a week long break. In Social Studies, our focus for this week was on Harriet Tubman and her contributions along with studying transportation from Long Ago. We read a very informational story on Harriet Tubman and watched a BrainPopJr. video to gain some insight into who Harriet Tubman was and why she is important in our history. After viewing the book and listening to the video, we worked together to write down facts we learned. We then created our own Harriet Tubman and wrote down facts that we learned.

IMG_1577[1] IMG_1582[1] IMG_1586[1]

One important fact that we learned was that Harriet Tubman was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. She helped over 300 slaves escape to freedom in the North! We also learned that Freedom Quilts were used outside of houses to give slaves secret messages for their journey. We created our own Freedom Quilt and had fun guessing what the true meaning of that particular piece was. If you would like to know the meaning of each piece, stop on by and check out our quilt in the hallway along with the meanings of each pattern.

IMG_1583[1] IMG_1584[1] IMG_1585[1] IMG_1550

Transportation from Long Ago was a very fun topic to learn about this week. To begin, we each made a timeline that showed how transportation has changed and evolved over time.


One focus was on how boats were different long ago. Our class completed a guided drawing exercise (which was also a very good “following directions” activity!) where they each drew a canoe from long ago — one that would have been made out of a hollowed out tree. Each child then had to write a little something about how boats were different long ago, or how transportation in general was different. The end product was amazing!! They are currently hanging in the hallway if you would like to come and see!

IMG_1578[1] IMG_1580[1] IMG_1579[1]

Next week is looking to be even busier than this week was. Don’t forget to continue practicing with your child for their “Long Ago and Today” project!!


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