Food from Long Ago (and a Feast!)

In light of Thanksgiving, we threw a feast for the less appreciated staff here at W.T. Jackson — our custodians, the cafeteria workers, our specials teachers, the office staff, etc. As you all know, our class was in charge of making dessert. Yesterday we had so much fun decorating cupcakes and cookies! Thank you so much to those who sent in supplies — our desserts would not have been possible without you 🙂 While I didn’t get to snap any pictures of the actual decorating, here is the aftermath from the feast. You can see that almost all of our 48 desserts were eaten!

IMG_1513[1] IMG_1512[1]

While teachers and staff were in and out of room grabbing their delicious cookies and cupcakes, we were working hard on learning about food from long ago — specifically the 1700s. We began by looking at illustrations of people doing “food related” things from long ago — churning butter, plowing the field with oxen, making apple pie over an open fire. Each child at a given table got a different illustration and was asked to read the sentence that described the picture and color it (knowing about clothing from that time was very helpful in the coloring process!).

IMG_1495[1] IMG_1496[1] IMG_1497[1] IMG_1498[1]

We came down to the carpet afterwards and had a “turn and talk” session, where the kids were to find a partner with a different picture and come up with some ideas about how food was different.

IMG_1499[1] IMG_1500[1]

After some discussion, our class was able to come up with a great list of how food was different. Some answers included: “People had to make their own food.” – “Oxen were used to plow the fields, not tractors” – “Butter was homemade. It was churned” – “People grew corn, carrots, lettuce, and potatoes”.  I was so glad that someone mentioned how butter was homemade and churned  … it led perfectly into our activity where we actually made our own butter! What did it take? Just some heavy cream and lots of hard shaking!

IMG_1501[1] IMG_1502[1] IMG_1503[1] IMG_1504[1] IMG_1507[1]

Of course we couldn’t make the butter and not try it! So — with some Saltines, we all tasted the butter. Most thought it was yummy – a little sweeter and fluffier than the butter we eat today. Some however, were not fans!

IMG_1510[1] IMG_1508[1] IMG_1511[1]

It was a very eventful, full Thursday and I wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂


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