Clothing from Long Ago

As we wrap up our week on clothing from Long Ago, it is fun to reflect on how clothing has changed over time. Over the last week, we have read passages about clothing from different time periods – from the 1500s up to the 1900s. After hearing the passage read aloud, students reread the passage and highlighted important parts that would help them determine how to best color their people from that era.


We cut out our people and a brief summary of what we read, and created a timeline which ultimately shows what clothing looked like in different time periods and how it has changed over time.

IMG_1487[1] IMG_1488[1] IMG_1489[1] IMG_1490[1] IMG_1491[1]

To end the time line, we added a picture of ourselves to represent clothing that is worn today! How cute did these turn out?!

IMG_1483[1] IMG_1484[1] IMG_1485[1] IMG_1486[1]

If you have started thinking about your child’s Long Ago and Today project, I hope what they have learned about clothing will help with the costume they decide to wear!


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