Long Ago and Today

Our new I.B. unit, Where We Are in Place and Time, is one of my favorite units!! During this unit we explore how life was different long ago compared to today. We focus on six main categories: food, clothing, transportation, communication, recreation, and homes. WIthin this unit we will also learn about a handful of historical heroes and enjoy a field trip to the Atlanta History Center, where we will get to go back in time on the Tully Smith farm.

We began this unit by observing our inquiry table and seeing if we could get any ideas as to what this unit might be about. It didn’t take long for many kids to realize that the things on the table are OLD!

IMG_1435 IMG_1434

I heard a lot of comments like — “My grandpa has one of those!” — which made me giggle 🙂

After we observed, we began thinking about how in order to compare our life to long ago, we really had to have a good grasp on what life is like today. We drew pictures and wrote words describing our six categories on life today. After we learn about each category (one per week), we will add a picture to the inside showing what it was like Long Ago. We will eventually create a lovely little Long Ago and Today comparison book. 🙂 Here are some great examples from various students.

IMG_1461 IMG_1462 IMG_1463 IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1466

Hopefully your child has mentioned that this week our focus has been on clothes from long ago. We are creating a timeline to show how clothing has changed. Can’t wait to show pictures when we are finished!


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