High Touch High Tech & Halloween

Last week so filled with so much greatness — an in-school field trip on Monday where we learned about lights and shadows, a full week of academics, and Halloween on Friday. Whew! Here are some snapshots 🙂

IMG_1375[1] IMG_1376[1] IMG_1377[1] IMG_1378[1] IMG_1379[1] IMG_1382[1] IMG_1383[1] IMG_1384[1] IMG_1385[1] IMG_1386[1] IMG_1388[1] IMG_1389[1]

IMG_1400[1] IMG_1401[1] IMG_1402[1] IMG_1403[1]

IMG_1409[1] IMG_1410[1] IMG_1411[1] IMG_1412[1] IMG_1413[1] IMG_1414[1] IMG_1416[1] IMG_1417[1] IMG_1419[1] IMG_1420[1] IMG_1421[1]

During our Halloween Party the kids were able to pick and choose their own snack from a magnificent “snack buffet”. In between snacking, we played a ton of “Minute To Win It” games … the kids did so great and it was hilarious to watch! Thank you so much to Ashley, Emily, Angela and Traci for a great morning of FUN!


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