Weather Tools

Over the past week and a half we have been learning about 3 types of weather tools – thermometer, rain gauge, and wind vane. We had the opportunity to make all three weather tools and explore how exactly they help us measure the weather.

Here are a few students using their thermometer to show different temperatures (how hot or cold something is).


We added some details to our thermometer: the temperature at which water freezes, our body temperature, words to describe different ranges of temperatures, and some pictures to help us remember how it might feel outside when it is a certain temperature.


Although it hasn’t rained much over the past week, we still really enjoyed making rain gauges and using good ol’ tap water to explore how we could measure the amount of “rain fall”. To begin making our rain gauges, we first had to figure out what unit we would use to measure the rain fall. Since we haven’t learned too much about measurement yet, cubes seemed to be our best choice. It was important to mark our rain gauge with each cube measurement so when we bring these home, we are still able to measure!


Then it was time to begin pouring and measuring! There were a few spills here and there, but overall lots of exploration and hopefully a lot of knowledge gained about the purpose of a rain gauge!





Our last tool was the wind vane. We worked hard to construct the tool and the final product worked …. somewhat well 🙂 I was busy helping determine which way was North and making sure we were all accounted for outside so didn’t get any pictures of our actual use of the wind vane. However, here is an example of the final product:

I am excited to see everyone’s weather projects today! We will be presenting today and tomorrow and you can expect them to come home with a grade next week 🙂


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