As we transition from summer to fall it seems as though our timing has been perfect to begin talking about weather! Most students are familiar with the basics types of weather: sunny, cloudy, snowy, windy, etc. We made a bubble map and listed eveything we know about weather — it was a lot! Then, students illustrated the basic types of weather. We talked about different ways to show things like “windy” (trees bending over, swirls in the air) and “stormy” (lightning, the word “boom” for thunder, dark rain clouds) and then we got to work.


The following day, we went into a little more depth about some more severe, serious types of weather — those things we have heard about, but maybe not experienced. Using kid-friendly definitions, our class defined tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and blizzards. Many students were able to make a connection to one of these storms using information from their interview for the weather project! It was great to hear 🙂



I was so amazed with the writing and illustrations that everyone accomplished with this weather book. Here are all of Cate’s pictures — check out the helicopter rescuing people from the flood! Are these amazing or what!





As a final review, each student picked three weather words to illustrate on a “Weather Words” cloud. These words included our basic types, the more severe weather, and then just some fun weather words like “rainbow” and “foggy”. Here are a few examples — the rest are hanging in the hallway and will make their way home eventually 🙂



Yesterday we created a thermometer and next week we will continue working with more weather tools! Enjoy this beautiful fall weather! 🙂


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