Persuade Me!

When we read the story “Soccer” a few weeks ago, we learned that authors write for three main reasons: to entertain readers (to allow readers to have fun while reading), to inform (or teach their readers something), and to persuade. We could pretty easily figure out the meaning of entertain and inform, but we had to talk a little bit about what it meant to persuade someone. We figured out that persuade really means to convince. When an author is trying to persuade a reader, he/she is trying to convince them to do or believe something.

We had a writing lesson on becoming persuasive authors, and learned that we not only have to state what we believe but also reasons to back up our belief. If we as authors are confident in what we are saying, our reader will be persuaded! Our first task was to persuade a reader on what the best sport is. We discussed a good beginning sentence, and how we should have three reasons to support our belief. Here are some awesome examples:



During centers this week and next week, the writing goal will be to persuade me: is homework a good thing or a bad thing? Why?
Can’t wait to see what our class has to say about that! 🙂


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