We are learning that a noun is a person, place, or thing!

On Monday, to introduce this concept I showed the class 6 sentences. In each of the sentences I had special words highlighted in a different color. It was our class’s job to decide how those words related to one another. After a lot of thought and even more discussion, we grouped the words into three categories: people, places, things. From there, we brainstormed other words that would fit the rule of being a person, a place, or a thing. While it looks a little bit like chaos, inquiry based instruction has SO much more meaning then me coming right out and telling the class what a noun is — they should be proud that they discovered it themselves! Here are our awesome discoveries

We made a fancy little anchor chart that will stay in the room and remind us of what a noun is 🙂

Students then were asked to read a large group of nouns and sort them into their appropriate category: person, place, or thing. We read through the words together first because some of the words were tricky (like “museum”). Check out this beautiful work:

Today we revisited our handy anchor chart and then did one of my favorite activities with nouns: a noun scavenger hunt! We had to be SUPER sneaky (because we are supposed to be our room sitting quietly and learning 🙂 ) and tiptoe around the school looking for nouns: people, places and things. There are quite a few nouns here at Jackson Primary! Here we are on the hunt, followed by some amazing observations, and then, of course, sharing our nouns that we found with a peer.








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