Back-to-School Family Dinner & Open House

Thank you SO much to all of the families who came back to school on Thursday to enjoy some dinner and an Open House in our classroom. It was my intention and goal to snap some pictures of the wonderful event but I found myself chatting and greeting and enjoying the night way too much 🙂 I hope you gained some insight into the wonderful work that your children are doing here in Room 202 and are proud of the progress they are making.

We spent the short week learning about Fact Families — yet another way numbers can connect! Over the weekend I challenge you to give your child two numbers and see if they can:
1. Find the third number to make it a true fact family and
2. Write the four equations to show the relationship between the numbers.

If you as a parent are unfamiliar with Fact Families there are a few things to remember — you should always have 2 addition and 2 subtraction number sentences (equations), the SUM of your 2 addition equations are always the biggest number, and that same biggest number always starts your subtraction equation. If you ask your child, they should be able to tell you the same things 🙂

Have a great weekend — more updates coming next week!


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