Relationships Connect Communities

“Relationships Connect Communities” is our central idea for our current I.B. unit. As we explore each of our 6 units throughout the year, our learning will focus around one central idea. We brainstormed what this central idea could even mean, and the ideas blew my mind!! Not only did our class mention some of the basics we think of when we hear “relationships”, but they thought outside of the box to think how this idea could relate to other topics in our life. Check out our anchor chart:

photo 4

During the first week of school, each child made a “Paper Plate Portrait” to show how we are each unique yet connected through many things – including being in the same class! Our portraits are still hanging in our classroom, but here are a few examples:

photo I’m loving the matching shirts 🙂 

photo 2

photo 1

Additionally, we have discussed school relationships, especially through writing our Essential Agreements, and friendships – specifically, how we can be good friends. We made “Friendship Flip Books” where each student wrote 4 ways they can be a good, with a precious self-portrait on the inside.

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

photo 5photo 1

photo 2photo 3

photo 4photo 5


We are GREAT friends 🙂

I am excited to begin talking about families, as well as how we can relate our central idea to our math studies!! 



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