Skip Counting by 10

Our math focus for this week is skip counting by 10 and 5. Most of our class was totally awesome at counting by 10 up to 100. In first grade, though, our goal is to count up to 120, so we talked a little bit about patterns we saw up to 100 and how we could use those patterns to keep counting higher and higher. After seeing that all of the numbers we counted had a zero in the ones place, we decided to make a visual representation by coloring our skip counts on a number grid. Once the kiddos finished their representation, I challenged them to skip count all the way up to 120, both using and not using their number chart, and trying to get faster each time. 

photo 1  photo 2

To reinforce skip counting by 10, we played a super fun cup stacking game, where there were 2 goals ….

1. Practice skip counting by 10 — all the way to 150 (!!) — and get quicker at counting by 10s!  

2. Build a really awesome pyramid while learning math! 

I would say that our class definitely achieved both goals with flying colors. Check out some of the pyramids below.

photo 1photo 2 photo 3photo 4 photo 5

I’m having everyone keep their cups at school for another day or so, but they will be coming home soon. This fun game is a great way for you to play with your child while helping to reinforce what we are learning in school 🙂 Next up: skip counting by 5! Stay tuned … 


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