We are Bucket Fillers!

Did you know that everyone has an invisible bucket that they carry around? After reading the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”, we learned all about these invisible buckets and how they work! Filling buckets is definitely what we want to strive for each and every day! Here is a chart we made explaining the difference between what Bucket Fillers do and what Bucket Dippers do.
photo 3

We used our anchor chart to write down how we can be be Bucket Fillers every day. Although we had some great ideas written down, a few of the sweetest and funniest were totally original. Here are two of my favorites!

Okay, this one kills me! “I help pregnant people” Are you dying of the cuteness or what?! (To preface, he did tell a great story about helping his pregnant aunt 🙂 )
photo 1

“I love my mom and dad” .. soo sweet!
photo 2

So make sure when your sweet darling is extra kind and helpful to let them know that they filled your bucket 🙂


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