Day 3 — yippee!

We made it to and through Hump Day! Yay!

I was so impressed with how well our class remembered their morning routine this morning. Notes in the yellow basket, homework in your pocket on the pocket chart, folder in the monkey basket, snack in your cubbie…whew! Lots to remember but we are learning quickly!

Each morning your child will spend the time before specials (7:30-8:10) writing in their journal. We discussed expectations for journal writing yesterday and even practiced by writing about their first day of school. This morning they were all on their own to write to the given prompt: What is your favorite food? Why do you like it? Check out some of the responses below…

“I like watermelon because it’s watery”

“I like a cheese pizza. I like it because it is cheesy”

“I like pancakes. I like them because they have M&Ms.”

Today was super busy for us– we had our normal morning special (music) and an extra PE mid-morning. In between our specials we learned more about how first grade completes calendar and read ‘Chrysanthemum’, by Kevin Henkes. As you know from your child’s homework, this book does a great job teaching how hurtful words can be. While we were reading the story, we passed around a giant heart. Every time the kids heard teasing words, mean words, or something that would hurt Chrysanthemum’s feelings, they would wrinkle the heart a little bit. By the time we finished the book, the heart was SO wrinkled. We tried so hard to get the heart back to how to was, but learned that no matter how we tried to “smooth things out”, the heart would always still be a little wrinkled. Inside the heart was a poem that read:

“Before you speak
Think and be smart…
It’s hard to fix
A wrinkled heart”

We made a promise to always abide by this poem, and sealed our promise with a Band-Aid on the heart.
photo 3photo 4
photo 5

To go along with Chrysanthemum, we also worked on some counting and graphing skills. Each child figured out how many letters were in their name by writing their name, one letter at a time, on boxes. We graphed the results and worked together to see which number had the most, the least, and if there were any ties.

To end this post, here are a few pictures of some work I haven’t shared yet — a few “Summer Fun” writing samples (I couldn’t resist the ADORABLE bicycles), and a craft we did after reading “David Goes to School” and writing our Essential Agreements (be sure to click on the pictures for a larger version where you can read the precious writing!)

photo 1photo 2

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5 IMG_0942



One thought on “Day 3 — yippee!

  1. Thank you, Ms. G-T, for these posts! It’s wonderful to see & read about all of the things the class is doing. Love it!

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