Our First Day as First Graders!

Wow – what a GREAT first day we had in Room 202!

As the students came in this morning, they practiced their morning routines — where to put their snack, lunch boxes, papers for Miss G-T, and backpack. Sitting on their tables was morning work – “My First Day Self Portrait”. I was very impressed with the focus, stamina, and artistic ability that many students showed while completing their morning work! Here are some adorable examples:

Self Portrait Self Portrait
Self PortraitSelf Portrait

We read one of my all time favorite books, “David Goes to School”, by David Shannon and used David’s mischief to show what we should not do in our classroom. Instead, we discussed things we SHOULD be doing. We call our rules our Essential Agreements, and enjoyed “turning and talking” to a neighbor about different things we will do in our class. Here’s the list we came up with — pretty great!!
book coverEssential Agreements

We read another fabulous book, “First Day Jitters”, by Julie Danneberg, where we learned that even teachers get nervous on the first day of school! After brainstorming some things that gave us “first day jitters”, it was time to write, draw, and, of course, drink some JITTER JUICE (you know, that stuff that helps the butterflies go away). I think all but one student LOVED the juice and even came back for seconds … I think it’s safe to say that those jitters are gone!

photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 3

We made a schedule caterpillar to help us (and our parents!) remember which specials we had on which days. It was a lot of cutting and gluing, but will definitely be helpful. Be sure to hang up your child’s caterpillar when it makes it’s way home!

Today was amazing and I can’t wait for the next 179 🙂


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